Mývatn – Dettifoss – Higland – Golden Circle


Day one: Lake Mývatn – Dettifoss.
We go and see the Waterfall Goðafoss then  go to Lake Mývatn and see Skútustaði, Dimmuborgir, Grjótagjá and Námaskarð, then we drive to Dettifoss.  On the way back we have about one hour to relax and swim in the Nature Baths. We will spend the night in Akureyri.

Day two: Golden circle.

We set off early from Akureyri and drive over the highland road of Kjölur.

One of the places where we stop is Kverkfjöll where there is a meeting point of ice and fire.  

Another place we visit is Hveravellir, oasis in the highland of Iceland, known for its geothermal hot pool and springs. It is also known as one of the living places of the outlaw Mountain-Eyvindur.

Our main destination this day is the Golden Circle where you visit the Waterfall Gullfoss and sprouting geysers, the historical and geological wonder at Þingvellir.




The price is:   ISK 336.000 for the car 


Included in the price is: English speaking driver guide and lunch pack for day two.

We will come and pick you up and take you back to the same location at the end of the tour.



All our tours are private with English speaking driver guide!


orange-athugid All our prices are total price for the car and English speaking driver guide!


orange-athugid It is important to wear good shoes and warm clothes!