Laugarfell : 9 hours


Higland tour from Akureyri to Laugafell. On our way we stop at Leynishólar one of the oldest forests in Iceland, from there we drive through Eyjafjarðardalur to Laugafell where you can have a bath in a natural hot pool surrounded by the beauty of the Icelandic nature. On our way back to Akureyri we will drive through Geldingsárdrög and Grána done to Eyjarfjörð where we go and see the Churches : Saurbæjarkirkja ( one of oldest turf churches in Iceland)and the beautiful Grundarkirkja.


The price is: ISK 155.000 for the car 


Included in the price is: English speaking driver guide and lunch pack

We will come and pick you up and take you back to the same location at the end of the tour.