Mývatn-Dettifoss: 8 hours


In this tour you will see the most powerful waterfall in Europe, Dettifoss, that runs through amazing landscape that was formed by two catastrophic floods over three thousand years ago. We start the tour by stopping at the waterfall Goðafoss. From there we go up to Lake Mývatn where we take a look at: Skútustaðir-Lake Mývatn-Dimmuborgir-Grjótagjá-Krafla-Víti-Dettifoss and Hafragilsfoss. On our way back to Akureyri we will stop at the Nature Baths and have a look at one of Iceland's natural baths with geothermal water.


1 to 4 passengers: 123.000 ISK
5 to 7 passengers: 137.000 ISK
The price is total for the car, not per person
8 to 18  passengers: By request


Included in the price is: English speaking driver guide.


We will come and pick you up and take you back to the same location at the end of the tour.